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October 2015 Featuring
two wonderful volunteers, a
Friends member & a Library
Board Member
January 2016
Featuring a CDC physician who
spoke at the Friends annual
meeting about his experience with
ebola in West Africa
May 2012
Featuring a celebration of Betty
Worley's 50 years as
SCPL Librarian
October 2012
Featuring Verso, the new
circulation system, selecting
books statewide & managing
your account online
February 2013
Featuring the book sales &
how we spend the money raised
June 2013
Featuring the Pew Research
Center Report on Parents &
October 2013
Featuring the Spartan Plant
Reunion & Gilmore Book
February 2014
Featuring a presentation
commemorating World War I
February 2015
Featuring an author who spoke
about the Civil War's impact on
the Sequatchie Valley
May 2014
Featuring the 2014 Art & the
Library Exhibition and the
"people's choice"
June 2015
Featuring the 2015 Art & the
Library Exhibition and the
inspiration for the art
June 2016
Featuring the 2016 Art & the
Library Exhibition and
how art
celebrates Valley life