Introducing Our Library Blog

A few months back, I was asked if I was willing to start a blog for the library as the current publicity chair of the Sequatchie County Friends of the Library (FOTL). I said yes at the time, but when I sat down to do it, I realized that I had some questions.

How does someone start a blog? Most of the blogs that I have read had been going for a while by the time that I found them, so I never got to see how they started. Do I need to introduce myself? How much do you need to know up front? 

What is the purpose of a blog? It is a digital, personal record that is published online. But a record of what? Since this is for the Sequatchie County FOTL, it will be about this group’s mission. It is also about the library and books. It should be about the community.  Finally, it is my own personal experience with all the above. 

So, since I am the subject of this blog to some degree, I will take this time to give you a brief bio. I was a Navy brat, a Navy wife and am now a Navy mom. I homeschooled both of my sons K12. I have moved a lot. Libraries have been a constant in all that time. One of the first places I would look for in a new area is the library. Why? Obviously, to find new things to read and  to check out the other resources that were available at the library.  From our local library I was able to find books for my sons about what we were learning about or what they were interested in. I could find free movies for our Friday “Guy Night”. I was able to indulge my love of history and my addiction to genealogy. I found out about free events and cool places to go.  I found cookbooks, books on gardening, and crafts. I was able to check out big books on art or travel to remind me in February that there was beauty in the world while I was home with two boys during the gray winter. 

Our libraries make all this available to everyone with a library card. So check it out. Literally.

— by Terri Carter, Publicity Chair of the Friends of the Library

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