Ideas for Summer

Well, Mom and Dad, it is here. Summer has arrived in Sequatchie County and the routines of life will be thrown aside for staying up late, sleeping in, and going on vacation. It is a good idea to relax our family schedules for a while, but completely abandoning structure is not a great idea. Multiple studies show that the summer vacation from school causes learning loss. This is especially harmful after the educational chaos that resulted from the Covid pandemic.

So what can parents do? Doing “school” during the summer is not a solution. A better idea is to get the kids out, enrolling them into summer programs and exposing them to new spaces. One of the best programs is the Summer Reading Program at the library. The Summer Reading Program encourages reading and other activities to help stem learning loss. There are a lot of follow-on activities that families can do at home in relation to the Summer Reading Program to help sharpen different academic skills.

June is National Great Outdoors Month and Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month. Take a daytrip to a local state park. Go for a walk or hike and look at nature. Have your kids start a Nature Journal based on what they see. Learn a new skill. Start a garden with help from the local County extension office. Learn to grow fruits and vegetables or try cooking a new recipe. All these things help them learn through exploring the world around them and trying new things. Have a great month.

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