July 5 2022

My reading practices over my lifetime have consisted of reading for information and for pleasure. Both are valid reasons, and I will likely be blogging about either or both depending on the times and circumstances. Having said that, I have decided to structure my blogs is to discuss ideas on reading for and to children at the beginning of the month I will focus on grown-ups later I the middle of the month. I want to emphasize kids in my blog because we are in a battle against social media. There is evidence that too much screen time is damaging to a child’s ability to concentrate and reason. Reading helps. Reading to them helps. In fact, the single most important determining factor in a child’s academic achievement is whether someone read to them every day.
So, as an educator and Homeschool Mom Emeritus, I will be recommending books for different levels of reading as well as suggesting ideas to help kids learn.
So my recommendation for this blog is Quiet in the Garden by Aliki. This is a PK to First Grade book. The title is a bit of a misnomer; the child in the book spends a morning in the garden but discovers that, if he can sit and listen, it is really anything but quiet. It is a lovely read-aloud book with great illustrations showing the creatures he encounters. The back page lists things that you would need to plant a “quiet garden”. After reading, take a walk outside, then sit and listen to nature. Have the child draw the things he or she sees and hears. Start keeping a nature journal. If they don’t know how to write, let them draw pictures and you write the words. This is a way to help them connect the written symbols of language to the world around them.
Have a great month

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