August 2022 Mid-month blog

As I promised last time, I will share my other favorite summer read. It is Wish You Well by David Baldacci. If you read his books, you recognize his name as a best-selling author of Washington D. C. thrillers. This book is not one of those. It is completely different. When I found it at my local library, I was looking for a new author and, hopefully, a new series of books to start. I have a hard time finding fiction that I enjoy. I don’t care for Chick-lit or Sci-fi. I love mysteries and if the writer throws in a little history, it will engage me longer. I do have a rule; if I am not engaged with the story in the first three to five chapters, I put it down.
Wish You Well is a beautiful story about family and forgiveness. The main character is a young girl who loses her father in a car accident and must go to live in the mountains of West Virginia with a grandmother she doesn’t know. She moves there with her brother and her seriously injured mother. Through some twists and turns, and by forgiving and accepting what has happened and learning about faith, her life at the end of the story is changed. I loved this book; I laughed at points and cried at points. The story is not sappy or sentimental; that is never Baldacci’s style. It is heart-wrenching and heart-warming and I recommend it highly. And yes, they have it at the library. Check it out.

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