September 1

I have written about reading to kids early to help them to develop better reading skills. This week, the news reported a significant loss in academic skills due to the Covid pandemic. All of us need to work harder at helping our kids catch up. Today, I want to emphasize that reading with or to your kids doesn’t have to end once they can read independently. In fact, there are great benefits in continuing to share good books with young people. Reading with them helps instill a love of reading, expands their vocabulary, grows their attention span, and fills their minds and imaginations with wonder and the greatest ideas of mankind.
Today, I am recommending a kid’s version of one of the greatest stories ever written. The Adventures of Odysseus by Hugh Lupton and Daniel Morden, illustrated beautifully by Christina Balit is a book you need to check out. The story is drawn from one of the two great epics of literature written by the blind poet, Homer. The Odyssey is the sequel to the Iliad; it tells the story of one of the participants of the Aegean war with Troy as he and his crew try to make it home. It involves gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines, monsters of land and sea. It is one of the classics of literature for a good reason. This weekend why not turn off the television, cuddle up and read a great book together. Check it out.

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