Merry Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas?

The answer is a rather emphatic no. Dear Husband (DH) and I are empty-nesters and it would be reasonable to think that with so much time on our hands, we would have everything bought, wrapped and sent. We don’t. We have not even decorated. The problem is that our sons were always a part of the process, so now it is a little difficult to “get into the spirit”. Our youngest will be in Tennessee for the holiday, but our oldest will not. He is getting married in the new year and needs to save money and vacation days for the wedding. I respect his decision and admit that I am proud of his sense of fiscal responsibility. However, I will miss him terribly.

When I was at the library the other day, I found a book that my oldest and I read together. It is called Snowflake Bentley. It is written by Jacqueline Briggs Martin and illustrated by Mary Azarian. It is a winner of the Caldecott Medal for illustration. It is about a man named Wilson Bentley. He grew up in Vermont and when he was young his mother gave him a microscope. One of the things he looked at was snow. He discovered that each flake was unique and beautiful. He figured out a way to photograph the snowflakes. This is a great read-a-loud for a cold winter day. If your child is interested, Mr. Bentley’s snowflake photographs are at the Smithsonian and can be view online here:

So put on some cocoa and sit and read a good book and make some paper snowflakes!

Stay warm everyone.

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