April 2023

April is National Poetry Month. Do you like poetry? It sneaks in a lot of places in our lives. We don’t always recognize it. When we are young, we hear it in the silly songs and nursery rhymes our parents share with us. We of course hear it in school; it is a part of READ MORE

Merry Christmas

Are you ready for Christmas? The answer is a rather emphatic no. Dear Husband (DH) and I are empty-nesters and it would be reasonable to think that with so much time on our hands, we would have everything bought, wrapped and sent. We don

September 15 2022 (sort of)

Sorry this is a bit late. I was visiting with family on the actual 15th, but I am back. although I miss my family back in Virginia. I was very happy to get back to Tennessee. I do not miss the traffic, the bad roads, the noise of the city. I am just not a READ MORE

September 1

I have written about reading to kids early to help them to develop better reading skills. This week, the news reported a significant loss in academic skills due to the Covid pandemic. All of us need to work harder at helping our kids catch up. Today, I want to emphasize that reading with or to READ MORE

Best Summer Reads

It is already mid-summer unless you are going by the public-school schedule. But assuming that you are not, how is your summer reading plan going? Did you find a great novel to read on your vacation? Or are you more of a self-improvement junkie? Personally, I am a history and biography nut. This year

July 5 2022

My reading practices over my lifetime have consisted of reading for information and for pleasure. Both are valid reasons, and I will likely be blogging about either or both depending on the times and circumstances. Having said that, I have decided to structure my blogs is to discuss ideas on reading for and to children READ MORE

Ideas for Summer

Well, Mom and Dad, it is here. Summer has arrived in Sequatchie County and the routines of life will be thrown aside for staying up late, sleeping in, and going on vacation. It is a good idea to relax our family schedules for a while, but completely abandoning structure is not a great idea. Multiple READ MORE