Kindergarten Readiness Program!

• Transition to Classroom • Emotional Self-Regulation • Friendship • Fun •

A transition program to help your little one get ready to sit still, listen, and learn!

Kindergarten Readiness is on Wednesdays at 10 AM starting August 10th.

Sign-Up Required (OPEN)

Sign-up is required for this program.

Sign-up opens July 25, 2022 and ends August 5, 2022 or when all 15 places are filled.

Only 15 children ages 3 to 5 can participate in this program. Sign-up is first-come, first-serve.

To best serve all the children in this program, we will only accept children who are between ages 3 to 5 by the first day of the program – August 10, 2022. Younger children may have difficulty participating in the activities of the program.

Other Programs for Our Littlest Patrons

All children are welcome at our other programs without any need to sign-up or even have a library card. Even if your child signs up for Kindergarten Readiness, they are still welcome to attend our other programs, too!

We will still offer our Preschool Storytime for ages 3 to 5 on Fridays at 10AM with NO SIGN-UP REQUIRED.

For younger little friends, we’re starting a new program called Toddler Time for ages birth to 3 on Mondays at 10AM with NO SIGN-UP REQUIRED.


Our Kindergarten Readiness program will take place every Wednesday at 10AM starting August 10th running through late May 2023.

The following dates are scheduled holidays. We will not have Kindergarten Readiness programs on:

January 4th

If the library is closed for any reason on a Wednesday, Kindergarten Readiness will be cancelled for that day. Any changes to this schedule will be posted on our Facebook page.


The library will provide all necessary supplies for activities in the Kindergarten Readiness program. Parents and caregivers do not need to purchase supplies for this program.

Toy Policy

Children cannot bring toys from home to Kindergarten Readiness. These toys can be a distraction to all the children and often create conflict among the children. Given that our program only lasts 1 hour, even a little unnecessary distraction is a bi impediment.


If you have any questions about our Kindergarten Readiness program, please contact the library at 423-949-2357 during business hours. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and provide assistance. Because we require a signature on the sign-up form, we cannot accept over-the-phone sign-ups.